About Me

Curiosity. Growth-mindset. Reflection. Passion. These phrases pretty much sum up my life as a teacher. Or, at least the second part of my life as a teacher. The first part of my career was pretty standard (huge caveat – I’ve always taught in independent schools) – I taught first grade, I was young and energetic, my students had fun, and I worked hard filling binders with perfect lesson plans that could be pulled out year after year. 

A baby and a move detoured me into an early childhood classroom at a preschool that was beginning to ask important questions about what’s best for young children. Around the same time I discovered Tony Wagner’s Global Achievement Gap, which led me straight to Ken Robinson books. I was immediately hooked on thinking big about education. I added a few kids to my brood and found myself hooked on trying to figure out this whole parenting thing too. Again, the big questions kept pouring in. And to be honest, I haven’t stopped questioning and reading and learning since.

Currently in my 16th year as a teacher (PS-2), my 10th year as a mom to three little ones, and my 6th year teaching kindergarten (the perfect epicenter of so many of our biggest questions about the best ways to grow and educate young kiddos in today’s world), I find myself suddenly feeling like I have a lot to say. And wonder. And share. And ask. 

And now I finally have a place to do it.


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