Me and books

I love to read.

I admit, typing those words feels slightly misleading knowing that I didn’t begin reading for pleasure until after college. And even then my pleasure reading looked more like someone else’s history homework. And to be honest, it still looks more like something your teacher might assign you rather than something to do for fun.

The truth is, I haven’t read a fiction book in over 10 years. Odd, I know. I am non-fiction lover at heart, and I’m only slightly embarrassed to admit it. It probably has something to do with my insatiable curiosity. And since education and helping grow young children is what I love, that’s where most of my curiosities lie.

So yes, I do curl up at night with education and child-development related monstrosities that I happily devour. But the problem I run into is finding a way to share my big book-related thoughts and questions without overwhelming the people around me. Not every teacher likes to hear you completely rethink the whole profession several times each month. My husband indulges my oohs and ahhs as best as he can, but even the world’s most patient people have limits.

So, my hope for this blog is that it allows me a space to reflect on my reading, whittle it down to my biggest questions and most important takeaways, and pass them along to you in case you might find them interesting too.


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