Why Kindness Ninjas?

We’ve been talking a lot about our Thanks and Appreciation Tool this year in kindergarten, so what better way could there be to cultivate a caring and empathetic mindset than by recognizing and appreciating the people around us?! That’s how… View Post

The Benefits and Challenges of (Reasonably) Risky Play

Before we dive in, let me be clear that I’m talking about the kind of risky play that falls under the umbrella of holding onto a bar upside down or running down a hill too fast or jumping off a… View Post

So what’s the big deal with outdoor play and little kids?

If we work from the premise that play is an invaluable part of childhood, then why does it matter so much if kids play indoors or out? The truth, of course, is that both types of play are indeed valuable.… View Post

Why Investigations?

So much of teaching (at least in my experience in independent school classrooms) is about making hard decisions. There are countless things we could learn/do each day and an increasingly long list of innovative (or even more traditional) ways of… View Post