Let It Go Tool

One of the most effective tools you can give kids is permission NOT to get upset. Surprisingly, kids don’t always realize this…especially young children who still have a fairly black and white understanding of good and bad. When kids realize… View Post

Self-Control Tool

Ultimately we want our kids to be in control of their thoughts, bodies, and emotions so that we don’t always feel the need to manage them. We hope they will develop a healthy dose of self-control so they have the… View Post

Calm Down Tool

There are SO many reasons why little kids might need to calm down. They lost a favorite treasure from home, got pushed by a kid walking too fast in line, miss their parents, are wound up from a heart-pumping game… View Post

Check-In Tool

Recognizing your own feelings is the foundation upon which all other social emotional learning is built. In fact, you can’t begin to recognize and care about emotions in other people until you can first do it for yourself. In the… View Post

Life Tools for Social, Emotional, (and Intellectual) Development

The longer I work at this whole teaching (and parenting) thing, the more convinced I am that it’s (almost) ALL about social emotional development. I think great teachers have known this all along, and now the emerging field of neuroscience… View Post